HTML CSS Website Development


HTML CSS Website Development

Everybody is aware of the importance of Hyper Text markup language and Cascading Style Sheets in web development. HTML and CSS are internet search engine friendly languages and so widely utilized by its service providers. CSS reduces the size of coding and enables the web site to load faster. It offers higher flexibility than HTML with regards to effect and design. HTML and CSS are the two recommended languages by the W3C. Trends for this are no exception. HTML and CSS has developed considerably. There are various versions of HTML available in the market. This budding language in which a number when a brand new version enters the market.

Currently, the versions of HTML available in the market are HTML, version 3, version 3.2, version 4.0, and version 4.01. HTML 5 is the upcoming version which is still not developed. So is the situation with CSS! CSS Level 1, CSS Level 2, CSS 2.1, and CSS 3 are established CSS versions in the market. HTML 5 is likely to be of immense help to web development services. Professional web development services all around the world are likely to shift to this version of HTML once it’s out. HTML has been developed by IBM to facilitate the transfer of files between different systems.

HTML 3.2 and HTML 4.0 was released simultaneously, one year after version 2.0. Later on, XHTML 1.0 and XHTML 2.0 were released by W3C. In 2008, the first draft of HTML 5 was prepared. Web development services, across the world, believe that the future of the web is HTML 5. HTML 5 is likely to embed features like separate background threads to do processing, video system without separate plug-in or codec, canvas element for rendering graphics and images on the fly, may have applications to access e-mail off-line, etc. CSS is utilized to give great style to webpages which are written in any mark-up language.

World Wide Web Consortium introduced CSS level 1 to overcome the limitations of HTML 3.2 in 1996. CSS level 2 was created in 1998 by using CSS level 1. CSS level 1 was republished with corrections in 1999. CSS 3 is finally released for the advantage of the service providers. Though CSS 3 is supported by only modern web browsers at present, it’s likely to gain widespread acceptance. It enables complex and flexible designs to be incorporated into HTML. Professional web development services are already using this technology. CSS 3 is already accepted by most of the web development services. HTML 5 is also likely to be instantly accepted by professional web development services. The two versions are planned to make this job simple. DGTLmart Web Development company is a leading India (Faridabad) based web development company.

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