Working with Google Spreadsheet

How to integrate SMS in your Google sheet? Google spreadsheet editor provide platform to integrate SMS API’s using scripting. Below is the code can be used to integrated SMS API’s and send Email.                            function smsemailreminder() {                           var ss = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet();                           Read more about Working with Google Spreadsheet[…]

Benefits of hiring a digital marketing company

Since the beginning of the online world, everything has become digital and so is marketing, advertising and the list is endless. These days, outsourcing is becoming popular among companies. Since companies have started realizing the importance of digital marketing, companies outsource experts to avail marketing services. With an increase in the number of online customers, Read more about Benefits of hiring a digital marketing company[…]

Duties of a website development company

Website development is an important part of a business. A website plays an important part in structuring the business purposes. As an online business, it is important that the web pages of the business website be found on the top searches. Therefore, there comes a duty of developing the website in the most professional and Read more about Duties of a website development company[…]

Google changed character limit for App title in Google Play store

Another Update by Google for Play Store after dropping white shopping bag from Play icon “Your App’s title on Google Play can now be up to 50 characters. Previously, app titles were limited to 30 characters.”    Character limit of App’s title on Google Play is now changed to 50 characters from 30 characters In Read more about Google changed character limit for App title in Google Play store[…]

Digital advertising for Local Businesses

A small enterprise can benefit from local digital advertising and Marketing. So it behooves you to have an powerful neighborhood virtual advertising strategy in location. Local digital advertising Many agencies inspire groups to “market online” by means of the usage of digital technology and the internet. Those small groups in the long run begin “international Read more about Digital advertising for Local Businesses[…]

Search engine optimization offerings

Seo (search engine optimization) is a powerful technique or method for  placing pages visibility in important search engines along with google, yahoo, bing and a lot extra. In this system, there are numerous techniques such as keyword studies and optimization; Meta tags evaluation and html coding. The boom in digital marketing web page visibility and Read more about Search engine optimization offerings[…]

Websites development technologies

At the start, websites were basically informational. Before the net was opened to the general public, educational and research institutions and government agencies had been capable of make information to be had to each other through text-best websites. Now that we have the world extensive web, there are more forms of websites than you could Read more about Websites development technologies[…]