Four Pillars of Digital Marketing

4 Pillars of Digital Marketing

TECHNOLOGY:  Technology plays very vital role in digital marketing starting from integration or using different tools in Digital marketing. Digital marketing starts with developing digital asserts like website, APP, landing pages, social media channels, blogs etc. all need technical knowledge in development or integration. Digital marketing target audience user journey from stranger to become customer starts from diverting traffic to digital assert to generate lead.

Traffic generated through different digital marketing activities is diverted to digital assert. Landing page should display the product and services details properly and digital platforms (website, APP, landing pages, blogs etc. ) should be equipt enough to capture leads. Website or app should be properly integrated with analytics so that data like traffic source and user flow can be tracked. Social medical api’s integration also help users to share content on their social media channels. Using facebook open graph one can control image, title and description details to be share on social media and can be customized. CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento etc are freely available and good techie – innovative website can be developed using these tools and themes.

Using latest technology good digital asserts can be developed,  innovative the digital asserts higher the conversion rate.

CONTENT: Well said, content is King!

Good shareable content help to reach targeted audiences and generate more traffic. Content does not mean textual content, it could be in any format (blog , article, adcopy, press release, classified, infographics etc) content.depending upon the requirement. Content development process starts with target audience and then developing the content according to channel where these target audience are available, for example let suppose you are selling mobile  accessiories then you can use facebook to reach target audience and product image with small description will be good enough but if you are in B2B product/service like having heavy machine or portable cold container then LinkedIn can be used to reach target audience, user love to view and read good content. Google also suggest that one should regularly develop good content about their product and services this helps in search engine optimization.

User also share good sharable content on different channels and helps to reach more people.


CREATIVE: Good creative attracts users attention.

Creatives are and will play very important role in digital marketing, creatives create compelling user experience.

Its helps digital marketer to make their campaign stand out from crowd and can consumed by target audience. User engagement and interest can be provided with high quality creatives. Digital Marketing world is both textual and visual, so designing website is equally important as products/services content. User should get the message which creatives in campaigns want to convey.


To achieve any goal or results, analysis is most important. In digital marketing also analysis play very important role. Proper tracking of channel from where traffic is coming and which channel is giving better results is important.

With proper analysis only, decision can be taken to find the channel which is giving required result. Integration of analytics tools with each and every campaign help to capture data. Action can be taken if campaign does not give required result and required optimization can be done.

Tools like google analytics is free and can help to track different types of campaigns.Proper knowledge of tools and data analysis help in decision making and save money and efforts.


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