Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development Life Cycle

Mobile App Development Phases

A mobile app development life cycle usually consists of the following phases:

1.The Discovery Phase

2.The Design Phase

3.The Development & Testing Phase

4.Maintenance & Updates Phase

  1. The Discover Phase


    • Requirements analysis
    • System definition
    • Prototyping


    • Framework driven requirement specification
    • Get it right the first time by prototyping your project
    • Improve usability and user buy-in by letting them use the prototyped system
    • Manage user/customer expectations
    • Manage IT staff expectations
    • More accurate size and cost estimate


  1. The Design Phase


  • System design
  • Database design
  • Business Process Integration design


  • Choice of deployment platform
  • Choice of Application Interface
  • Choice of user interface (browser, Windows rich-client or portable devices)
  • Centralized/reusable business rules
  • Centralized/reusable business processes
  • Normalized database design
  • Framework driven design process
  • Reuse/integration of existing data and functions and systems


  1. The Development & Testing Phase


  • Develop system
  • Business Process Integration
  • User acceptance testing
  • System and performance testing
  • Implementation/deployment


  • User prototype from the design phase as basis for system
  • Framework driven development process
  • One integrated suite of development tools
  • Lower skill requirements
  • Multi skilling
  • Business level coding
  • Task tracking and audit
  • Downplay/hide technology focus
  • Easy-to-learn and master
  • Deploy same code to multiple platforms
  • Task and change control tracking
  • RDML level debugging
  • Multitier, real-time client/server testing and tracing
  • Just-In-Time deployment
  1. Maintenance & Updates Phase


  • Ongoing system maintenance
  • Extend and enhance functionality


  • Centralized/reusable business rules
  • Centralized/reusable business processes
  • Repository based impact analysis

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