Understanding Search Engine Optimisation – DGTLmart Faridabad

Understanding Search Engine Optimisation – DGTLmart Faridabad

In order to understand Search engine optimisation, thorough knowledge of Search engines and how they function is necessary. The exact role of a search engine is to provide relevant information by the use of many search engine techniques in general.
It works by using specialized algorithms for streamlining and selecting the required piece of information from the many million data flooding the internet each day. The big search engine optimisation companies usually let out their criteria of preference in providing the search engine results so that anyone can follow the guidance to appear on top of the results.

An extensive study tells that people usually don’t see the results on any other page apart from the first page. So, out of the thousands of data available from each search, the article must be well written to get to the first page of the search results. Hence competitions have risen to a maximum. Hence came into existence the Search Engine Optimisation Companies, in short, SEO companies which employ writers to do the needful.

Techniques used by SEO companies.
The Search engine optimisation company usually uses several techniques.
Some of them are:
• Changing the URL to match the search text, adding relevant images to suit the searched text and having appropriate metadata to suit the needs. The search engine actually employs search bots which are nothing but autonomous virtual bots which scan crawl through each and every page and choose the appropriate pages which match our search text. So, our page must have crisp content so that the search bots can easily classify our page without any confusion.

• Another important thing to note is that the search engines usually rank the pages according to the number of times a person has visited a page and how long they have stayed on that same page. So, the relevance of title and catchy words is very important. The first paragraph must contain the whole crux of the article as chances of skipping a site is actually greater if people don’t find relevant stuff at their first glance. One of the widely followed techniques includes having the link of the page in other trending articles which may increase the number of views soon.

These are the techniques for improving the search engine optimisation of the articles and web pages. Just like every other thing, people usually think about finding short routes to get their work done instead of going the fairway.
Some of the cheats used in Search engine optimisation are using the same relevant keyword plenty of times, hiding words in faded texts and minimizing the size of text with trending words.

These cheats are the major headaches for search engine designers and maintenance team. The need to optimize their search, else there is a chance of people moving over to other search engines.
Hence, they employ specialised algorithms to detect scams.
We all know in general that shortcut is not the right way and definitely there is no shortcut to achieving success the same thing applies to the Search engine optimisation process as well.

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