Sudden Increase in Google webmaster Notifications

Sudden Increase in Google webmaster Notifications

Gone those days when you receive few notifications from Google Webmaster.

Last year Google launched new UI for webmaster and beginning this year users are getting higher number of notifications from Google webmaster.

Google is informing webmasters about Mobile Indexing of their websites and issues details if website is not mobile friendly.

So in SEO activities now experts has to put equal time for Google webmaster also along with other tools.

Webmaster new UI has ten navigations to explore, starting from overview tab to settings excluding feedback, About and old version section.

Earlier we use to get organic keywords traffic details on Google analytics report in organic traffic section and were able to get information of which keyword is performing, but now Google has placed those keywords in not provided section or not set.


Not to worry, you can get organic keywords and their performance report under performance tab of Google webmaster important for optimizing Search Engine Optimization(SEO) activities.

Google Webmaster —> Performance –> Average position

You will get list of keywords with Clicks, Impressions, CTR and Position details. These metrices and keywords list are refreshed weekly in Google Webmaster report. Using above metrices you will get to know which keyword is performing and how much traffic you are getting from that keyword.

These Google webmaster reports can be viewed in weekly and monthly basis and can be customize on date range basis.

GW overview section gives Performance, Coverage and Enhancement reports overview and from here full report section can be navigated.

URL inspection section, one of the most important section from where you can get all details related to a particular URL indexing and issues like mobile usability, amp  etc.

Google webmaster URL inspection section provide HTML version and screenshot of the issue and this can be tested on live URL of website. One can also get last crawled date information and HTTP response in more details section. Coverage tab in URL inspection section will provide details of sitemap, referring pages and check is indexing allowed for the website or not.

Mobile Indexing and Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) take major position in webmaster and in search engine optimization also they play crucial role and are important factor in keyword ranking.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is a very accessible framework for creating fast-loading mobile web pages. The open-source initiative is designed to enable publishers to easily improve speed (and consequently, the user experience) for their mobile readership without sacrificing any ad revenue that they may rely upon.

Challenges to communicate with Google regarding SEO issue can now be resolved with new features added in Google webmaster. No need to go to different forum and wait for months to get reverts, now one can get search engine optimization related issues detail from Google webmaster and can request for review after issue get resolved.

Index, Enhancement and security manual actions provides details related to indexing of the website, improvement required in website and any security related issue.

In links section you will get information of internal and external links, also the top sites linking to your website.

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