Social Media Marketing

Who We Are…

We at DGTLmart re-orient your strategy and digital content to align with how your customers are actually visiting, engaging and converting, through the use metrics.

We are dedicated  to developing  creative execution that gives a push to our clients’ business, brands  and user involvement forward.

How do we work? We simplify the complexity by analyzing  your customer problems.


  • Defining the Audience: DGTLmart will begin with identifying Jaipur Art Factory final audience and understanding what impacts how they discover, evaluate, decide and react.
  • Discovering the Right Channel: ‘Right Channel’ is contextual and therefore, DGTLmart will discover and finalize the channels that can impact Jaipur Art Factory .
  • Monitoring the Channels: This includes listening and monitoring what is being shared on various social media platforms.
  • Taking Action and Engaging: This process includes knowing the audience, building trust, planning initiatives that will work together for the desired results.
  • Measuring the Results: Keeping a track of relationships that are being build is extremely important. DGTLmart will ensure that performance is converted into tangible profitability.

Social  Media Strategy

Brand’s monthly management

Strategies Content Revitalization Monitoring
Implementation and development of strategies in Social Media. Planning, design and publication of contents in Social Media. Revitalization of communities to increase customer engagement. Monitoring of all actions to measure the effectiveness of each one of them.
Blog Promotion Advertising Contests Reports
Promotion of related posts to the brand Planning and execution of promoted campaigns in RRSS Organization and management of contests and draws in Social Media Preparation of monthly reports

Social Media Strategy – Overview

Platform Objectives
Facebook Community building, brand building and advocacy

  • Blog
  • Interactive posts
  • Cross platform promotion
  • Customer Loyalty Campaigns
  • Short Videos
Instagram Brand awareness, user engagement and programmes recognition

  • Objectives and Vision
  • Loyalty and Interactive Campaigns
  • Events and Campaigns
  • Customer Stories
  • Achievements Showcase

Major Considerations:

  • Platforms: Facebook and Instagram
  • Synchronized activities on all social media platforms altogether along with individual segments
  • Quarterly campaigns integrating on ground and online endeavors
  • Weekly blogs and promoting the same on social media
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