Improve Your Visibility through App Store Optimization (ASO)

App Store Optimization (ASO)

App store optimization (ASO) has been slightly unnoticed of late with the development of machine learning and Artificial Intelligence AI, Google’s mobile-first index progression, and other obvious industry vicissitudes commanding the attention of every marketer.

Whether you are fresh to app store optimization, or intense to refine your approach to ASO, this writes up will provide some applied visions which are proven to get the most out of app store success.

Best App Store Optimization (ASO) is known by a few names, comprising App Store Marketing and Mobile App SEO.

The focus of ASO is a skilled resource application interrelated to refining the ranking of mobile applications straight within app stores like Google Play Store, App Store etc. The chief mobile phones that apps are fashioned for iPhone/iPad and Android

Marketing specialists concentrating on making augmented (Return on Investment) ROI from app stores are chiefly directing key presentation indicators tied to snowballing app visibility:

    • Ranking
    • Impressions
    • Shares
    • Engagement 
    • Reviews & ratings
    • Downloads
The ASO’ s main goal is approximately always app downloads, but additional goals can include:
    • Augmented brand experience
    • Optimistic app assessments and ratings
    • Audience engagement
    • Supplementary marketing channel diversification

If you are new to app store optimization, it is really likely to be a more acquainted method to your business’s online marketing than you may originally contemplate.

There are in fact quite a few intersections in approach between traditional search engine optimization (SEO) and Best App Store Optimization (ASO) – something I’ll cover in more detail in the next section.

When you contemplate it, this makes perfect sense. App stores are, in effect, closed site search engines, which in turn trust on:
  • Laid-back content (app content) discovery
  • Indexation
  • Plus, app ranking algorithmstied to:
    • Freshness
    • Perceived app quality
    • Brand scale
    • User value signals for example ratings, reviews, engagement

Organic Optimization: Your App store Optimization Foundation

The key element lost from many App store Optimization marketing transfer methods is organic search optimization and app store integration within the broader marketing mix.

There is more overlap with App Store Optimization and Search Engine Optimisation than there is direct competition between the two.

Various tactics of traditional search engine optimization that work for Search Engine Optimisation gains can also be straight applied to app store optimization.

Instances of this include:

  • App name, title, and URL optimization
  • Keyword research for App Store Optimization (ASO)
  • Rating of App and reviews generation and handling.
  • Deep linking within mobile apps
  • Indexation of Apps in Google search engine results in pages (SERPS)
  • Click through rate optimization
  • And more!

There are numerous factors that affect your app’s ranking in the app stores, with the important influencer being download and engagement. None of these App store Optimization tools will automatically make your App Store Optimization shine. Different App Store Optimization includes App Annie, Sensor Tower, Store Maven, App Figures, Mobile Action, App Tweak, Apptopia, Gummicube, TUNE and many more.

While many of these App Store Optimization tools seem to offer comparable features, they each have their own approach and algorithm – when it comes to measuring the strength of the keywords, suggesting another keyword, and market intelligence.


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