December 10, 2016

Struggling to get Google reviews?

Why Google reviews are important?

For businesses, online reviews bring the benefit of social proof to the table—they help increase (or decrease) the degree of trust felt for an unfamiliar business based on feedback from other people with similar needs. Lots of good reviews can increase your business’s local rankings in search engines. Better reviews mean you’ll get more clicks once you’re ranked.

Make it Easy to Leave Reviews: This might sound like an obvious one but it’s amazing how many businesses fail to make it at all obvious how to leave a review.

Another benefit of having reviews on google+ is that it increases your business’ visibility. When someone searches for a business in your area that’s like yours, Google uses customer ratings as a major determining factor for whom it places in those top three spots. This means that the more people are talking about you and leaving reviews about your business, it makes you more visible to other customers that might be looking for a similar service. Currently, Google displays the “top three” most relevant businesses for any given query.

Get your Timing Right: Basically this comes down treading the line between not asking too early and not asking too late.

Imagine that you’re looking for a specific kind of restaurant, and you’re met with three options: One has an average five stars, while the other two have an average two stars. Which one will you click? Rankings are nice, but qualified traffic is even better. Better reviews mean more business. Customer reviews are a subjective yet reliable credibility score that let other potential customers know whether your business is a good choice.

Integrate with your Email Marketing
If you have an email marketing campaign then you’re missing a huge opportunity by not utilizing it to ask people for reviews.

We at DGTLmart help businesses to get good business reviews to increase visibility and increase brand engagement.